The web series, Bose Dead/Alive stands out in ALTBalaji's line-up of original fiction for its sheer premise. Based on Indian author and former journalist, Anuj Dhar’s book, India's Biggest Cover-up, it stars one of the most coveted actors, Rajkummar Rao in the titular role and takes on the ambitious task of demystifying the circumstances surrounding Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose’s death.

The series unfurls from the point of view of Darbari Lal, the fictional spy who shadows Bose. The choice of the narrator is effective since the tone of the narrative does not assume undue reverence and does not it slip into hagiography

The series intends to play out like a thriller and manages to not be ‘just another boring biography’. The screenplay is tight and pacy. But it is when Bose Dead/Alive gets into an explicatory mode that the narrative flattens.

But it ends up compromising on the emotional heft of Bose’s enigma, that it sets out to explore when it follows his trajectory from the age of 14, when he is a reticent truant till he is a 41-year-old intrepid nationalist.

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