Jawab Kintey Chai

A first in Indian television, 'when in doubt you might have to shout' is the motto of this exciting and thrilling new show on Sananda TV.

Jawab Kintey Chai is the Bengali version of the international format Sell Me the Answer hosted by the delightfully witty and popular Mir Afser Ali on Sananda TV. It is a quiz show with a twist, where, if players get stuck at any point they have the chance to shout out to an audience of "traders' for help, and negotiate with them to buy an answer. The trick is to correctly make a judgment on when the traders might be bluffing to get their hands on the contestant's cash.

Laughs, vigorous negotiation, and high-energy interactions have been everyday occurrences in this daily stripped show, with Mir at the helm acting as the quizmaster, entertainer, and adroit referee. The host has a deep connect with enthusiastic contestants from the heart of Bengal the son of a bus driver, a national arm wrestling champion, a sole bread winner, housebound homemakers, a broke collegiate, all faced with life-changing questions and the opportunity to win up to 25 lakhs.

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