Kannadadha Kotyathipathi

The Kannada version of Who Wants to be a Millionaire, Kannadadha Kotyathipathi broadcast on Suvarna TV, is hosted by a favourite "Son of Karnataka". The reigning superstar of Kannada cinema, son of the legendary and much revered late Dr.Rajkumar, the charming Puneeth Rajkumar makes for a most endearing show host, who conducts the show entertainingly and with great enthusiasm.

With the core thought behind the show being "Knowledge can change your life", the initial calls for entry drew a fantastic response, bringing forward remarkable contestants from different sections of society, and far flung corners of Karnataka. 'Namma Appu', our 'Our Appu" as Puneeth is affectionately called in Karnataka, gave this life-changing knowledge game a new dimension of entertainment for Kannadiga viewers.

From its very first show, Kaanadha Kotiyathipati established itself as the number one show at prime time in Kannada, and has stayed there throughout its run, going on to win the Best non- fiction show of the year in the state.

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