Savithri (Telugu Soap)

Mythology tells the tale of Savithri the courageous and devoted wife; who fought with Lord Yama and brought back her husband Aswinvan from the clutches of death. Here is a modern day rendition of a lady called Savithri who has to battle none other than her husband Aswin who has disowned her. She confronts him and struggles to prove that she is indeed his wife; but he has moved on. How she succeeds forms the crux of the storyline.

Savithri and Aswin are a happily married couple. Their love for each other is very deep. A few years have passed by and the couple has seen both good and bad times. They have coped well with all their problems but there is one issue that still makes them feel incomplete - the lack of a child. Being an understanding couple they don't wish to aggravate the issue by pointing fingers at each other by means of any medical tests. Much to their surprise Savithri finally conceives. The excitement is short lived as one day Savithri meets with a road accident and loses her life. Aswin is shattered and his whole world crumbles; his dreams, his happiness, his hopes of having a family end with Savithri's demise. Broken down, he leaves the city.

A few months later Aswin has gathered his courage and will to start his business in another city. He keeps himself occupied with work and tries to move on but the grief of his wife's absence haunts him. His well wishers urge him to see someone else, have a social life and get married but he refuses. A prominent businessman's wife, Chamundeswari pursues him as an ideal alliance for his daughter. After much ado and thought; Aswin agrees.

In another part of the state, a lady shows signs of improvement while hospitalized. It's Savithri and she is pregnant. She gains consciousness to realize that she has been here for months. She delivers and with her new born sets out to find her husband. Little does she know her husband is getting engaged to another woman. She intervenes to prove her presence to Aswin but he refuses to accept her and says that she is not his bereaved wife. Savithri is shattered and presents her child to him but to no avail. Her life turns into a whirlwind of dramatic events one after the other as she sets out to find the truth and win her husband back.

Why is Aswin behaving so indifferently?
Was it really an accident that she met with or was it a plan?
What will happen to the abandoned Savithri and her child?

Savithri aired on Gemini TV in 2011.

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