Lakhon Mein Ek

A ground breaking fiction series on Star Plus that brought to the forefront stories of change-makers who have forged their own path undeterred by prevailing mindsets and societal norms.

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Savithri (Telugu Soap)

Mythology tells the tale of Savithri the courageous and devoted wife; who fought with Lord Yama and brought back her husband Aswinvan from the clutches of death. Here is a modern day rendition of a lady called Savithri who has to battle none other than her husband Aswin who has disowned her.

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Champ was the story of bike racing champs Raj and Dhruv, constantly being pitted against each other in life, love as well as on the racing track. Upon an unforgivable betrayal by one of them, the two best friends turn into sworn enemies.

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Angrezi Mein Kehte Hain

Angrezi Mein Kehte Hain was a show that taught spoken English, essential for survival and success in today's world. It reached out to a wide section of viewers all across the country and aimed to empower and instill a sense of confidence in the viewers.

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Jiya Jale

The story of Sunaina, a girl from a middle class family with grounded family values, who falls in love with Chandan, an idealist architect from a family of ruthless building contractors, Jiya Jale introduced Sriti Jha and Saurabh Pandey

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Kauwa Chala Hans Ki Chaal

A feature length adaptation of Moliere's classic 17th century musical comedy, "Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme", commissioned by Doordarshan for telecast on the national network. The line up of actors consisted of playwright Ranjit Kapur, Divya Seth, Sita Raina and other theatre actors.

Saiyyan Bhaye Kotwal

This was a television adaptation of the stage version of this contemporary satire in the Tamasha folk by the National School of Drama Repertory company. It was the first of the sponsored, independently produced teleplays screened at prime time on the national network.